One Location for all your health education needs

The Health Platform offers a solution for any public or private body with a responsibility for maintaining and improving health and well-being. It will host a wide range of audio-visual material aimed at helping commissioners, insurers and employers provide up to date, authoritative health information to:


Help people self-manage long-term conditions effectively. Help people prepare for, and recover from, surgery. Promote wellbeing and healthy lifestyles


Access guides to health and safety at work. Health and wellbeing programmes to reduce absence from work and improve productivity


Interactive courses aimed at improving the physical and mental health of schoolchildren

The Aims

  • To provide a single shop window for the very best information on health and wellbeing.
  • To host only authoritative, effective and proven material.
  • To distribute it to all who have a responsibility for health and welfare

Interactive courses of educational material focusing on the causes, symptoms, risks and management of long-term conditions including diabetes, COPD, heart failure, back pain and dementia.

Courses for use in schools to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of schoolchildren.

Guides to common surgical procedures designed to prepare people for surgery and help them recover safely and rapidly afterwards.

A shop window for the highest quality educational material available. Select, from a huge range, the material that meets your needs and access for as long as you wish.

Post your own material and provide access to others. We do the marketing. You make money and allow others to benefit from your work.

Would you be interested in?

1. Sharing material you have created that should have a wider audience

2. Accessing high calibre material to help educate patients, carers or staff

Are you:

An organisation which has produced material that would benefit others?

An organisation seeking access to the highest quality material available to help your own patients and staff?

Please register your interest below stating whether you might wish to use material created by others or share your own material with a wider audience.


  • First 3 months free for early bird signups
  • Providing lifelong help with your health conditions
  • Empower yourself through increased knowledge